John R - Fourways

The most amazing OTC gel ever. I would go as far and say that it's better than Voltaren and much cheaper. Great stuff!!!

Val P - Standerton

I suffer badly with rheumatism. This gel is fantastic I can't go without it.

Grant C - Vereeninging

My elderly mother suffers with aches and pains, I suppose it's the age, anyway she raves about your gel and refuses anything else. She is so emphatic that it drives me crazy. Recently I twisted my ankle and a nipped into her room and "borrowed" some. I was so amazed how quick it healed. She is right your gel is fantastic.

Susan Meyer - Kimberley

My son recently hurt is leg quite badly in a rugby incident. I came across your site and decided to get him some. What I witnessed was almost a miracle. With in no time he was able to walk with ease and 2 weeks later was free of any pain. I have told all my friends about it. By the way he says "Baie Dankie"

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