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What is SinuPhend

SinuPhend nasal spray is made only from natural ingredients, providing fast relief from nasal congestion, inflammation and sinusitis.

Is SinuPhend for everyone

Yes! – There is a normal nasal spray for adults and children over 12, and a paediatric/sensitive version for small children and pregnant moms.

Is SinuPhend only for sinusitis?

No! – It can be used for nasal congestion, hay fever, colds

What does SinuPhend do?

The primary action to attack bacteria, fungi and moulds the primary reasons for the immune response to nasal congestion and sinusitis. The secondary function is to reduce inflammation and encourage nasal discharge.

How does it do this?

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Why use SinuPhend when I can use a normal nasal spray

Common pharmaceutical nasal sprays work primarily on two levels. By killing bacteria, and drying up mucous. Sinuphend also kills both bacteria and fungi but it facilitates nasal discharge rather than act as a drying agent. Sinus pressure is due to a buildup in the sinus cavities, rather than helping their drainage a "quick fix" drying action is usually the cause of severe sinusitis..

When I use SinuPhend my nose runs constantly.

Sinus infections are caused by blocked sinus passages. The mucous in these passages needs to drain. It can take a few days to many weeks depending on the severity. Only when fully drained will sinusitis clear.

Why do I need to kill fungi as well as the bacteria

A Mayo clinic study proved that sinusitis is first caused by fungi. A GMP protein is made by the body to attack the fungi. This protein causes an irritation in the nasal mucosa which leads to a bacterial response, causing inflammation and congestion. It’s not enough to kill the bacteria you need to kill the fungi as well.

Why do people become dependant on nasal sprays.

A. Most nasal sprays both natural and allopathic (eg. Drixine) use an ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride as a preservative. This chemical causes rebound congestion, which basically causes the nose to block after and hour or two after application. A cycle of dependency occurs with the constant use of the medication in trying to unblock congested nasal passages.

Is Benzalkonium Chloride safe to use

No! – Three studies have shown that benzalkonium destroys the cilia and nasal mucosa with long term use, especially seen in sinusitis sufferers. The problem is that you don’t feel the harmful effects, and the damage to the cilia and mucosa can never be repaired. Sinuphend uses a natural preservative.

Is SinuPhend safe to use

Yes, absolutely – There are no side effects, no risk of addiction and no synthetic preservatives. Everything is 100% Natural and it works fast.

Will SinuPhend cure my sinusitis

No. – This is because every season brings along new pollens, fungi, bacteria and other airborne antigens. Sinuphend is designed to counter the allergic immune response to most of these pollutants and pathogens, and encourage nasal discharge. So we can cure you for a season only.

What else can I do to help my sinus problems?

Try and determine if you have any food allergies. Many people have reactions to certain foods and drink. Common items are breads, peanuts, dairy, coffee etc…