Basic single daily dose: 30ml
Shake the bottle/jar first.
Combine herbal tea with 30-60ml hot water, taken at bedtime (or at least 3 hours after last meal) or first thing in the morning.
Refrain from eating for 1 hour after ingestion.
Allow at least 3 hours to elapse between using Essiac and any prescription medicines
Never microwave the tea.
Only drink on an empty stomach.
Take the time to sip your Essiac tea slowly.
Essiac tea is detoxifying so it is very important to drink plenty of pure water during the day and to have regular bowel movements.
Not recommended if you are pregnant. 

For the first week start on a 30ml tea mixture and depending on your condition you may increase to a twice daily dose of 30ml (morning and evening) however you will need to dramatically increase your intake of water (not fluids). On 60ml per day you should drink between 2-3 litres of water per day. If a Herxheimer effect occurs (over detoxification) then decrease to 30ml per day. Higher doses of Essiac do not necessarily work better or faster.  

How long does one Litre (30 Fl oz) of Essiac tea last??

Essiac tea herbs [dried mixture] should be stored in air-tight containers in a cool, dry, dark place. It is best to store Essiac in glass containers. Essiac tea herbs are light-sensitive (the liquid tea is also light-sensitive). However, it is not necessary to store the dried herbs in brown glass jars as long as it is stored in the dark. Canning jars are great for this because they have tight-fitting lids. For long-term storage it is best to avoid storing Essiac tea in plastic containers or plastic bags. Herbs from herb companies are shipped in plastic bags or plastic jars. However, if not used right away, the herbs should be transferred to air-tight glass containers to avoid storing in plastic containers for long-term storage. Some plastics can taint the herbs with toxic substances over a long period of time or if over-heated.

When one makes liquid Essiac tea (concentrate) from the dried herbs, it should be stored in a refrigerator unless it is properly canned using proper canning methods. Sterilizing the jars usually increases the shelf life in the refrigerator.

Can I add sweetener or other herbs to the Essiac tea?

Essiac tea should not be altered in any way before drinking except to dilute it with water. Rene Caisse researched and developed this formula over a period of 50 years with real cancer patients. She did not use a sweetener with it. She reduced the original First Nations formula to just four herbs. When anything is added to these four herbs it no longer can be called Essiac nor will it work. Also, if one puts these herbs in capsules or makes them into a tincture, it can no longer be called Essiac because Essiac is a decoction. The age old addage rings true: "If it works, don't change it."



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