Charmaine F - Dunkeld Jhb

I started using the Derma liquid soap when I had a small rash on my face, which fortunately has now gone. When I reverted back to my old soap I could immediately feel the difference. I just use your soap because it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft, I'll never use another again.

Keith L - Sandton

I had to undergo radiation treatment. They don't explain to you the irreversible damage that this does to your skin and to top it all I couldn't wash properly without the soaps burning me. I tried your dermaphend soap and what a joy it was to finally find something that did what it promised. Thank you so much.

Grant S - Jhb

I am a personal trainer and have been suffering with eczema for many years. Your soap is the only thing that keeps this problem away. Don't know what I would do without it.

Mishka W - Bloemfontein

My baby developed a terrible skin rash that the doctors said was exema. I can see the difference on my baby when I use your soap versus the normal baby ones. You should tell the skin doctors about this because mine had no idea.

If you have any testimonies about using Dermaphend, please let us know.