About Phend

Phend Pharmaceuticals is primarily a research company. Starting in 1996 by its curent Medical Director Chris Vorster, Phend strives towards a non pharmaceutical approach towards disease remission and long term skin care.

Initial research developements produced the first natural cure for cervical dysplasia, the precursor to cervical cancer with its pilot product Viraphend that took over 5 years of research and provided an alternative to surgical intervention. Since then many products have been developed however the focus of the company diversified to cutting edge "electro-medicines".

This required a new approach to certain aspects of conventional physics hypotheses. And two very successful products were produced on this new found foundation. Qina an immunomodulator that adjusts the action of the immune response by activation of the macrophage, and Natox which is a natural Botox cream that electrically interferes with the function of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that affects facial wrinkles.

All Phend's medical products have received a register number by the SA Medicines Control Council and are manufactured in cGMP facilities that meet FDA, MHRA and TGA requirements.