Medical Health - Truths and Myths

Advertising is an extremely powerful mind altering medium. We take them at face value because by nature, human beings are trusting. We trust a doctors diagnosis, we trust large companies that all is disclosed and we believe that government departments are protecting us from commercial enterprises who are constantly bombarding us with information to buy their products. This site hopes to provide you with easy to undertand information, about what you are not being told !!!

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ANTIBIOTICS   Blessing or Scurge - Ludicrous overuse
    Kills good bacteria, causing disease
    To take or Not to take
    Your Skin Has Natural Antibiotics
VACCINATIONS   The dangers of Vaccinations
    A personal tradgedy
    The Secret Dangers of the Flu Vaccine
    The World’s Slickest Con Job and a Stack of Deadly LIES...
    Gardasil - The real truth behind the HPV vaccine
    Vaccine Scientist tells all - This will make your stomach turn
DENTISTRY   The Dangers of Amalgam or Mercury Fillings
    Root Canal - The dangers of focul teeth infections
    FLUORIDE - What Your Dentist Isn‘t Telling You
    FLUORIDE - Yes it could hurt you
    FLUORIDE - is not helping surge in Tooth Decay
    FLUORIDE - Europe Starts Banning it's use
    FLUORIDE - 6 Decades of Shame
    FLUORIDE - USA Now advises to avoid the use of Flouride
HARMFUL DRUGS   CORTISONE - Long term anti-inflammatory use is devastating
    NSAID's - Anti-Inflammatory complications and deaths rising
    Caution - Drugs that Kill
    RITALIN - The dangers of stimulant drugs given to children
    Autism - The research disproving the link between Vaccines & Autism maybe fraudulent
CURE'S ?   AID's CURE - Just an Ozone whiff away
    The Cancer cure destroyed forever
    Curing viruses using electrical current
    Panic & Anxiety Attacks - Get rid of them forever
ASPARTAME   ASPARTAME - Can Kill rates, can it kill humans
    ASPARTAME - What are your children drinking
    An Expose' on the Real Dangers of Aspartame
CHEMICALS How Dangerous Are Your Cosmetics?
    Make-Up Holds Hidden Danger of Cancer
    Washing Your Hair May be Dangerous to Your Health
    Cosmetics and Allergic Reactions
    Dangers of PEG Compounds in Cosmetics - Breast Cancer Risk
    PEG Compounds in Cosmetics: A Little-Known Danger to You
    Cosmetic companies are not required to do safety testing
    Untested Cosmetics May Soon Carry Warning Labels
    10 Synthetic cosmetic ingredients to avoid
    Sunscreens - Actually promote cancer, and the industry knows it
    The Toxic Chemicals in Your Home They Aren't Telling You About
    Chemicals found in fabric softeners
    The Truth About Antibacterial Soaps--And Why You Should Avoid Them
    AMA Questions Anti-Bacterial Soaps
FOOD   The shocking facts about Low Fat Diets
    Butter vs Margerine - Dispelling the myth
    The hazards of genetically engineered foods
    Pasteurised Milk - A Recipe for Disease
    Pasteurised Milk - The Hidden Cause of Parkinson's Disease
    Pasteurised Milk - Why You Don’t Want to Drink it
    Pasteurised Milk - More Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Drink it
    Milk - If this article doesn't change your mind, nothing will
    ORGANIC Milk - Good News Now it's Redefined
    Food Labels - The Lies the industry hopes you never know
    Ten Reasons to avoid Genetically Modified Foods
HEALTH TIPS   PARASITE CLEANSE - Clean out all those nasty parasites from your body
    Five "Health Foods" to Avoid
    The Six Top Health Myths
GENERAL INTEREST   NATURAL VIAGRA - A Natural approach to enhancing sexual libido and performance
    CELL PHONES - Are they safe?
    Study Reveals the danger of Cell Phones - Prompts a ban in all schools
    THE VITAMIN SCARE - The war to shut down natural medicines is on
    URINARY TRACT INFECTION - Cured in 2 days without antibiotics
SOY or SOYA   New Research On Why You Should Avoid Soy
    Soy-Bean Crisis Scientists vs the Soy industry
    The Trouble With Tofu: Soy and the Brain
    How Safe is Soy Infant Formula?
    Pregnant Women Should Not Eat Soy Products
    Soy Milk Is Safe! That's What the Formula Industry Says
    Soy Bad, Soy Good: The Pluses of Fermented Soy
    Response To Those Who Believe Soy Is Healthy